Vassiliki, Greece
× Αρχική Ξενοδοχείο Δωμάτια Νέα Λευκάδα Επικοινωνία

Coronavirus update

In light of the ongoing Coronavirus situation we would like to advise you of the latest information regarding your holiday and hopefully to minimise any worries you may have about it.
Our Government have imposed the closure of schools, cafes, restaurants, hotels etc., but only up to the end of April. They have also just introduced a 14 day quarantine period for anyone entering the country. Our view is that these measures are designed to deliver a hard shock to stop the spread of the virus (as most EU countries are doing) before the tourist season starts.
We were meant to start operating by the end of May so we want to believe that everything should be fine at that time.

Let’s all be optimistic, obeying the rules and hope for the best.

Kind regards to all of you !