Vassiliki, Greece
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Lefkada is the fourth largest island of the Ionian Sea. A narrow strip of sea that the Corinthians first dug in the middle of the 7th century BC. separates Lefkada from Aitoloakarnania.
 However, access is very easy, because a floating bridge joins the two shores of the channel. Twenty-four smaller and larger islands are scattered on the sea and form the prefecture of Lefkada. All of this tiny archipelago with its variety of landscapes and specialties is a challenge for anyone to explore.
"Anemolia Apartments" is located on the south end of the island in the settlement of Ponti, on the west side of Vasiliki Bay which is a picturesque green village built in a windless bay.
The  Vassiliki Bay is one of the most famous destinations in the Mediterranean for the ideal windsurfing and sailing conditions, offers a depth for safe diving and ideal landscapes for hiking and cycling.
It is the perfect location to explore the island and its famous beaches as you can easily access either the West or the East side.


Anemolia Apartments

Sights of Natural Beauty

The impressive and beautiful beaches are located on the west coast of Lefkada. Sandy beaches, with crystal clear waters, often adorning the headlines and covers of tourist magazines and newspapers in Greece and abroad, and whose reputation has made it around the world.